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Sports Massage - The application of massage and stretching techniques to the muscles and connective tissues of the body to enhance or maximize athletic performance. This will increases range of motion (ROM), flexibility, and relieves muscle soreness while promoting faster recovery from both training and injury.  This type of massage can be applied before, during, and after a competition. It's great for rehabilitative purposes.

Deep Tissue -  Works to release the chronic patterns of tension in the body. This massage requires heavy pressure while working slowly on contracted tissue to break up adhesions and scar tissue. Similar to a good workout, this type of massage can cause soreness afterwards for a day or so, but the results are very beneficial.

Neuromuscular Therapy - Uses heavier pressure to release trigger points and spasms in a particular muscle. The time spent on a trigger point or area of tenderness should be about 8-12 seconds.

Optimal Performance Bodywork - A system of stretching and structural soft tissue work to relieve chronic pain. This work releases tightened soft tissue, improves flexibility, and enhances neuromuscular reeducation. It combines structural integration, Feldenkrais, soft tissue release, Zen body therapy, and Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF).

Swedish - This work is designed to calm the body, reduce stress, and just feels good! 

Also available:

  • Structural Integration                         
  • Orthopedic       
  • TMJ
  • Soft-Tissue Release
  • Active Isolated Stretching      

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